Powerhouse Ventures Limited

Australian Innovation Solving Global Problems

PVL is an ASX listed investment company providing venture capital to deep-tech innovators solving problems of global scale.

Why PVL is Unique

Powerhouse Ventures provides investors with access to unique investment opportunities because our value-add to deep-tech innovators opens the door to global-scale IP.

  • Our WHy

    We believe technology will enable a greener, healthier, more aspirational future.

  • Our What

    We invest and add value to companies that produce sustainable IP moats solving global problems. IP moats earn defensible free cash flows and deliver long term shareholder value.

  • Our How

    Listed structure for democratised access to deep-tech IP in private companies.

    Deep networks for insights & connectivity to unique companies in often exclusive rounds.

    Investing time and services to create value beyond our capital deployments.



PVL through its Board, Advisory Panel, and their associated networks has:

  1. Expertise in understanding next frontier technologies

  2. Access to investment opportunities with strong fundamentals and robust IP moats

  3. Capabilities to add value through active commercial roles

The current sectors of interest are:

Electrification & Decarbonisation

Technologies across the value chain such as improving battery tech or materials processing

Next Generation Computing

Cutting-edge quantum technologies backed by a high degree of research and innovation

Space Technologies

Leveraging current or building new infrastructure to exploit use cases with strategic importance

Healthcare Technologies

Cognitive function impairment and medical device technologies to improve patient outcomes with lower overall costs